Photo of Andrei Dinu

My name is Andrei Dinu 

and I have always considered myself a problem solver or at least someone who loves problems. I know, right? I landed in the perfect career for that, which I’m really grateful for. 

Nowadays I’m fighting the good fight between bringing value to the customers while increasing conversion for businesses. 

I’m a huge fan of Calm Technology and good usability. Reading is power so I encourage everyone to do it. If not, podcasts are awesome as well - a good designer friend of mine keeps telling me how amazing they are.

I also have an absolute blast riding my bicycle on the streets of Hamburg, Germany or traveling together with my wife to new cities around the world. 

Previous experience

CO - Founder HOLLA

Group Creative Director KUBIS

Designer @OGILVY

Got a great idea or just want to get in touch, contact me via Email or LinkedIn.